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Welcome to the Plaza Theatre — Atlanta's oldest operating independent cinema! We offer an extensive slate of curated first-run programming, classic films & repertory revivals, community events with special guest and much more. We are open all year round, with operating hours being half-hour before and after normal showtimes. We also offer theater rentals for public & private events.

We offer a shorter preroll than many cinemas, so we encourage arriving early and on time. For updates and more, you can sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Be sure to visit our sister cinema, the Tara Theatre, as our team works to restore it for generations to come.


The lobby, box office, bar, concession stand, bathrooms and LeFont auditoriums are wheelchair-accessible. The LeFont includes wheelchairs in the middle / center row on the left (south) side of the auditorium. The Mike & Rej auditoriums currently require stairway access, but an elevator is in the works (the first in 85 years, due EOY 2024, permit pending). In the meantime, please don't hesitate to speak with staff if you require assistance.

All auditoriums are equipped with Assistive Devices, and are available for loan at the box office. To find out which films are captioned or compatible with these devices, please look out for showings with the following icons:

🎧 (Audio/Caption Devices), CC (Subtitles) and CC (Captioned).


The Plaza Theatre was the first property in all of Atlanta to have its own off-street parking and has a handful of parking options (see a visual guide below). Briarcliff Plaza is also home to many other businesses, so parking can be quite limited in our front & back lots. We also encourage rideshare, taking MARTA, riding a bike (we have racks in the back lot), or walking via the Eastside Beltline Trail (connected by John Lewis Freedom Parkway).

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