Silver Scream Spookshow: Spook Warfare

Professor Morte's live show with magic, dancing girls, jokes, spectacle and frights! The Japanese kaiju cult classic presented by Buried Alive Film Festival and the Plaza Theatre. "From the makers of the DAIMAJIN trilogy comes YOKAI MONSTERS, a hallucinatory series of Theremin-fueled films that combine Kaiju-styled beasties with epic mythological storylines. In YOKAI MONSTERS: SPOOK WARFARE (the second movie in the series), an evil Babylonian vampire is accidentally resurrected by a group of treasure hunters. And it's up to the Yokai monsters to stop this unholy bloodsucker from destroying the world! Combining the iconic surrealism of HAUSU with monsters that are as adorable as baby Yoda (and as ferocious as Godzilla), SPOOK WARFARE is an unmissable chapter in the Japanese horror-fantasy canon. This movie will give your audiences everything they need, including smiles, joy, and a demon vampire with the ability to clone itself." - AGFAHorror, FantasyPT2H30MNot Rated2023-09-30
Yoshihiko Aoyama
Akane Kawasaki
Takashi Kanda
Yoshiyuki Kuroda
Masaichi Nagata
Yamato Yashiro
Silver Scream Spookshow: Spook Warfare"Silver Scream Spookshow: Spook Warfare"BAFF


September 30, 1:30 pm