Gothic South Film Night

**TICKETS AVAILABLE VIA EVENTBRITE:** Wednesday, October 4 · 7 - 9:30pm Four spooky Southern Gothic shorts by southern filmmakers, featuring the premiere of “I COULD JUST DIE, AND THAT WOULD BE ALL RIGHT” by Atlanta filmmaker A.K. Espada. Sponsored by Videodrome and Something to Say Productions. BRACKISH by Christa Boarini, Florida A menacing spirit lurks in the mangroves waiting for an unsuspecting victim. She is the Brackish Undertaker, cursed by the crown she wears. VIOLET BUTTERFIELD, MAKEUP ARTIST FOR THE DEAD by Brooke H. Cellars, Louisiana Violet Butterfield, a mortician beautician, helps her clients find the beauty in death they could have had in life. EAT YOUR HEART OUT by Giovanni Tortorici, Georgia Marceline is vegetarian, kind of lonely, and ready for her date with a cannibal. I COULD JUST DIE, AND THAT WOULD BE ALL RIGHT by A.K. Espada, Georgia Trying to end her life, a woman offers herself as a meal to the monster in the woods near her house. But her plan backfires when she wakes up with a thirst for blood and realizes she has joined the ranks of the immortal undead.Horror, IndependentPT2H30MNot Rated2023-10-04
A.K. Espada
Christa Boarini
Brooke H. Cellars
Giovanni Tortorici
A.K. Espada
Gothic South Film Night"Gothic South Film Night"